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Bank Stock Evaluation

RDK & Associates, Inc. can perform evaluations (or appraisals) that consist of assessing the market value of the bank stock or bank holding company stock. RDK bank stock evaluations are conducted based upon the requirements established by the Internal Revenue Service and/or ERISA for valuing ESOP assets.

Our reviews assess the earnings and investment value of the company under review based on past performance, economic conditions and management. In addition, we utilize comparable sales of like institutions to determine current market multiples. Adjustments are made for size, location, marketability, market share, profitability and capitalization.

Once all these factors are considered, an overall market value is derived. Once completed, an appraisal report is generated. The report includes the background of the company under appraisement, the local marketplace and economic conditions, and the methods used to value the company stock. All regulatory disclosures and requirements are included and explained in the report.